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This is the Final Empire…

The Lord Ruler controls the known world with an iron fist. From his seat of power in the Central Dominance, his power is felt all the way to the outer reaches of the Scattered Isles. He is immortal and more skilled with magic than anyone in the world. Over the past 1000 years, The Lord Ruler has single-handedly put down rebellions and won wars. It’s been over 100 years since the last revolt among the humans.

When the Lord Ruler came to power, he gave the gift of magic to those who supported him. These people are now called the Elves. He also made them into the noble class – able to own land and chattel. Over time, these individuals found that they – while not immortal – shared in the Lord Ruler’s longevity, living upwards of 200-300 years.

Those who didn’t support the Lord Ruler during his ascension were delegated to the working class; slaves that are generally referred to collectively as the Chattel. The Chattel are made up of Humans. None of them are magical by birth unless someone in their recent genealogy (within 5 generations) was Elven. Half-breeds (like Half Elves) are illegal and are summarily hunted down and killed. Their Chattel parents are also killed as a sign for others. Their Noble parents are stripped of their titles and are forced to pay a hefty fine. It has become common – and acceptable – practice to “dispose of” (read: kill) a Chattel mistress so that she does not bare a half-breed child. That being said, there are many clever and/or lucky half-breeds that continue to live in the Final Empire. These half-breeds are often successful bandits or some of the few Chattel allowed to practice a legitimate trade.

While the Lord Ruler is the head of the Last Empire, it is The Ministry that oversees the day to day maintenance of the Empire.

Main Page

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